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CP Health

CP Health



Cal Poly students need a better way to utilize The Cal Poly Health Center resources because the website currently in place is an ineffective way for students to manage appointments and access services, resulting in a lack of communication between health staff and students.


We believe that by creating a health center application for Cal Poly students, we will decrease the amount of complaints and improve the overall health center experience for the user. We will know this to be true when we see a decrease in digital traffic and receive positive feedback from our users. 


Final Prototype Design

process website hi fidelity (1).png

Final Prototype

Through weeks of researching, testing, designing, and redesigning, Elaina and I brought our ideas together to create this final prototype of the new Cal Poly Health Center application. We worked with John Ruffner, Assistant Vice President for Health & Wellness at Cal Poly, to understand the direct needs of the Health Center and brainstorm how an application could resolve many of these. The result: an application prototype that allows students to schedule and manage appointments, update their health information, and check lab test results without having to go to the Health Center. Below are some highlights of our process. To see the entire process, visit


Competitive Analysis

There are similar applications in the marketplace to the one we were asked to design. My partner and I researched other applications and their main features. We found that there was not one application that offered all of the features needed by the Cal Poly Health Center, as well as very little information about other universities with health applications.


Flow Diagram

Our team mapped out the application and the features it would have, creating several paths for students to follow when using the application.

Minimum Viable Product

This project was research-based. Our team conducted interviews, field testing, and user testing. We sought to understand the intuition people use when navigating an app and how we could use this to our advantage to develop an app design that is highly user-friendly. Our research indicated that students appreciate the convenient pharmacy services offered at the Health Center, but remain greatly frustrated with the long wait times. Therefore, our team focused on solving the issue of long wait times.

Feature Prioritization


My partner and I create moodboards with possible color choices, typefaces, words to describe the feeling of the application, and a collection of similar applications we wanted to emulate in style.