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H & M Wedding


H & M Wedding Suite

Over the summer of 2018, I had my first experience designing a wedding suite. The invitations had been sent out, but the bride needed some pieces: a program, table signs, beverage labels, guest book postcards, etc. I used the watercolored leaves created by the invitation artist to create a cohesive suite of printed materials. I challenged myself to create new groupings of leaves that filled the space for each particular piece. I enjoyed the freedom the bride gave and the generosity of the original artist in sharing her work.

Watercolor credit to Brave & True Designs



The team

Emma Stothers
Jenn Jensen of Brave & True Designs



Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign


M & H postcard.jpg


These cards were created in lieu of a guestbook. They were created to imitate postcards, as the bride and groom are avid travelers. The cards that were left blank after the wedding were turned into ‘thank you’ notes for wedding gifts.


Flashlight tags

This tag was attached to small flashlights that were given as the party favors. The favors had two jobs: thank the guests for coming and light the short walk back to their cars.

flashlight tags.png


The above images are the front and back of the program that was given to each guest. The leaves were arranged to frame the text and to add color. A blue ribbon was tied at the top of each program to connect the leaves with the decor of the event.

H&M program_Page_01.jpg


Additional Material

The following images are some of the other areas of the wedding that were given attention with leaf bunches. The dining table numbers and assignments, the dessert table, and the drink table each had matching signage that reflected the style of the wedding invitations. It was a fun challenge to arrange the bunches to fit the titles of each piece. The result was a variety of arrangements that cohesively worked together as one theme.