Visual Designer
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Custom Cleaners

Custom Cleaners

Custom Cleaners is a cleaning service that offers a clean tailored to each individual client. The client approached my group with a desire to have a website that is inviting and neat. They wanted to draw customers in and provide a place where all the company information would be easily accessible.


The Team

Emma Stothers
Carly Lamera


My Role:

UX/UI Design


Final Website

Above is the final site design I created. Carly and I worked together to identify what information needed to be present on the site. We discussed the feel of the site and the colors that would be used. We then created two separate prototypes and compared them with each other. We critiqued both, then coded our final site designs separately. The client now has two different options to choose from for her official site.



The above image is a screenshot of my first mockup. I chose to create a page for each of the topics that were emphasized by the client: services, about the company, reviews, and contact information. My partner chose to create a one-page site with all of the information on the same page. We discussed the two strategies, and both ended up choosing to keep our site structured similarly.


Questions for the Client

The responses shown here are from the client, in regards to a list of questions we emailed to her. From these answers, my partner and I gathered that the client wanted her site to be clean and organized without too many words. She wanted her clients to come to the site and be reassured that they would be receiving quality cleaning services in their homes and businesses.